St. Paul Annual Parish Assembly

February 28, 2021 at 1pm on Zoom

Voting members of the parish

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Our Church doors are now open on Sunday

Preparation for Attending

  • All attendees should wear facemasks.
  • A temporal scanning thermometer will be available to screen the temperature of the attendees.
  • Signs will be posted for congregants on where to sit. The Parish Council will be assisting.
  • Hand sanitizers will be placed next to the candle box.
  • The pews will be emptied of all books and printed material.
  • Parish council will clean and disinfect the main door handles and the restroom after someone uses it

Divine Liturgy

  • Badarak will begin at 10:30 a.m.
  • Seating is limited to 100 people. There will be signs on the pews on where to sit.
  • There will be no Kiss of Peace.
  • There will be no distribution of communion. Individuals who would wish to receive communion, must make arrangements with the Parish Priest to receive after church services.
  • No passing the plate. Instead of passing the plate, there will be a table with a sign that “These donations are considered for passing the plate.”
  • No contribution of Mahs. The Mahs will be available on a table in the chancel from the beginning of the service. Congregants can take that Mahs when the leave the church, even when the service is not over yet.
  • At the end of services there is no kissing of the Gospel.
  • Parishioners should distance themselves when exiting the church and are requested to not congregate in close groups after services.
  • We will continue to “Live stream” on Facebook.
  • There will be no Fellowship after church.
  • The Church will be cleaned and disinfecting every week.



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